30 minute session, 3 retouched images



60-90 minute session, wardrobe change, 6 retouched images



Up to four hours, multiple locations and wardrobe changes, 25 retouched images



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Frequently Asked Questions

+ When do I get to see my images?

Once we finish your session, the images are loaded up, culled (deleting the ones where your eyes are closed, etc), and then uploaded to your password-protected proofing gallery. This process typically takes 4 business days.

Need them ASAP? I do offer 24-hour and 48-hour turnaround options for those who need their photos right away.

+ What should I wear?

The million-dollar question! This is such a tough choice for many. 

Wear something you love and feel great in. As far as colors go, black isn’t the only go-to. Experiment with navy, grays, dark greens, and teals.

If you wear glasses most of the time, wear them for your headshot. We can always do some with and without if you’d like.

If you plan on wearing makeup, apply as you might for an evening out. If you only do one thing- put on mascara and/or eyeliner. It’s amazing what a little mascara and eyeliner can do to make your eyes shine.

Avoid wearing big stripes, plaids, checks, dots (I know, my favorite!), and other prints- they do not photograph well. Small patterns are fine, as long as they’re not too distracting.

If you’re not sure, bring a few clothing options and we can talk about them. Busy ties and flashy jewelry divert attention from your smile- it’s best to stick with simple & elegant accessories and jewelry.

+ What time should i schedule my session?

Sessions can be done any time Tuesday through Friday, but I find morning to be the easiest and least disruptive time for a session. Clothing and makeup are still fresh. (Plus you have less time to be nervous all day!)

+ Where should we do it?

The location of your portrait is important. It should tell the story you’re looking to tell- do you have a cool office? (then let’s show it off!) Are you community-focused? Maybe we should do it near a local landmark. We can also do a mix of indoor and outdoor if we plan the session timing right. No idea is too “out there.” It’s worth being creative!