Ruth Ozeki comes to Frederick, Maryland :: Frederick Reads

“A book must start somewhere. One brave letter must volunteer to go first, laying itself on the line in an act of faith, from which a word takes heart and follows, drawing a sentence into its wake. From there, a paragraph amasses, and soon a page, and the book is on its way, finding a voice, calling itself into being. A book must start somewhere, and this one starts here.” 
-Ruth Ozeki, The Book of Form and Emptiness

Last night I had the absolute pleasure of photographing @fredcolibrary’s Frederick Reads program, which hosted @ozekiland, a talented novelist. I’m actually halfway through her latest book, The Book of Form and Emptiness so it was a treat to be a part of this!

Frederick Reads is a partnership with community organizations to bring acclaimed authors to Frederick and foster community conversations, events and a love of reading.

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